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Music Box Ballerina - Northern Ballet’s Antoinette Brooks-Daw

Red fox with a rare black coat hunting in Lamar Valley (Original Photo by Pauline Murrill)

Ann Margret

Ovalization of the pupil due to a sphincter of the iris following cataract extraction

Scientists Find Way To Reuse Cigarette Ash As A Water Filter
Among the long, long list of reasons why we shouldn’t smoke lies cigarette ash: it’s a fairly unsavory chemical cocktail that also happens to be a major eyesore around any popular smoking spot. But thanks to a team of chemists, we could use that same cocktail of horrific chemical to make water clean. Go science!
Specifically, a group of scientists led by Jiaxing Li of the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that coating cigarette ash in aluminium oxide makes for a highly effective filter for removing arsenic from water. Specifically, in tests they found that it stripped 96 per cent of arsenic from contaminated groundwater, meaning it meets the standards imposed by the World Health Organization for arsenic filters.
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